Health & Safety

Drain & Sewer Services Health and Safety 
at Work Act 2002 Group Health and Safety Policy
     It is the policy of Drain and Sewer Services:
a) To safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all its 
employees while at work, and to provide, so far as it is reasonably
practical, working environments which are safe and without risks to health
b) To conduct the undertaking in such a way to ensure so far as it is 
reasonably practical; that people in its employment, but who may be 
affected, are not exposed to risk to their health and safety.
c) To recognise its obligations to meet all relevant legislative requirements
pertaining to health and safety which apply to any of the companies undertakings.

d) To organise and arrange its affairs to ensure compliance with the policy

     In carrying out the general policy statement above, it is practice of Drain & Sewer 
     Services: -

a) To ensure that appropriate safety training and instruction is provided on the introduction of new and unfamiliar methods and equipment, and that accident prevention is included in all relevant training programmes1 especially those from apprentices and other young trainees and employees.

b) By a programme of regular propaganda and other appropriate presentations, to sustain an awareness of the need to prevent accidents and risks to health in the minds of all its employees.

c) To take into account when planning its work any aspects which will help to eliminate injury, industrial disease, pollution and waste.
d) To make appropriate accident prevention arrangements at the work places and maintain liaison with all other employers who have employees working on the same workplace as the company.
e) To encourage the discussion of Health and Safety matters at all levels, including the setting up of the arrangements for joint consultations with employees though their appointed safety representatives.

General Safety Advice

EMPLOYEES DUTIES: Whilst at work you have the duty to:-

1.   Act always in a safe manner
2.   Take reasonable car for you own health and safety and of others who may be affected 
      by your acts or omissions.
3.   Co-operate with your employer so far as necessary to enable him to fulfil his legal 
           -take precautions to reduce risk of fire and gas ignition
           -use correctly the clothing and equipment provided for personal safety
4.   Inform your supervisor of any hazards that you are aware of, in order the appropriate 
      corrective actions may be taken
5.   Refrain form misusing or interfering intentionally or recklessly with anything which has 
      been provided in the interests of Health & safety or welfare
General Safety Advice:

1.   Horse play, especially with compressed air lines can be dangerous. STOP IT
2.   Use equipment for purpose for which it was designed, improvisation lead 5 to accidents.
3.   Maintain your equipment in good condition, as issued, failure to comply may cause 
      serous physical damage to you or your colleagues.
4.   Untidiness causes accidents, keep your place of work clear.
5.   When lifting manually, ensure you handle the object properly, if not call for assistance.
6.   Only trained, authorised personnel may change a grinding disc or abrasive wheel
7.   All abrasive wheels, whether on hand held machines or pedestal grinders must be 
      maintained in good sound condition.
8.   Underground services can be damaged if back filling of trenches is not carried out 
      correctly. Check your work at all times.
9.   Surface damage can be caused by poor back filling of trenches this can lead to road 
      accidents pedestrian injuries. Work to your code of practice.
10. Protective clothing is issued for you benefit and should be worn at all times when a job 
      involves risk to your safety or health.

Drain and Sewer Services Company Health and Safety Organisation and Arrangements

PURPOSE                         To supplement the company policy by setting down the 
                                       organisation and arrangements for ensuring the health and 
                                       safety of employees in the company and others who may be 
                                       affected by the companies operations.
DEFINITION                     The term "COMPANY" means Drain and Sewer Services
                                       The term "ACTIVITY" means an accountable action within 
                                       the company.
ORGAN ISATION              Generally, Managers and charge hands are responsible for 
                                       assessing risks and protecting the health and safety at work 
                                       of employees reporting to them and for other to whom the company 
                                       has a duty. They will ensure that safe working conditions are 
                                       provided in accordance with Statutory Regulations and company
                                       practices and generally, so far as is reasonably practical, carry out the
                                       work in such a manner that there is no risk to health and safety of 

Information                     The Manager, will monitor developments in Safety thinking outside the 
                                       company, and accident experience within the company. He will 
                                       continuously advise Directors in the light of this and other information 
                                       available to him.
Inspection                        The Manager will inspect all places of work regularly to ensure that all 
                                       matters relating to Statutory Regulations regarding its use and 
                                       certification testing are complied with.
                                       The Manager will submit proposals for training to the Director who will 
                                       ensure that their staffs are trained necessary to carry out their duties 
                                       in compliance with Statutory Regulations.
Sub-Contractors & 
Labourers                        The Manager and charge hands will liaise with sub-contractors      
                                       and labourers to establish the safety aspects of their work and to make 
                                       arrangements for them to work safely in the context of all the works on 
                                       the premises.
Supervision                      It is the responsibility of all appropriate site staff to ensure that the 
                                       arrangements made by the Manager are carried out on the section of the 
                                       work for which they are responsible.
Equipment                        The manager will constantly review the various types of equipment on 
                                       the market including protective clothing. He will advise the Director and      
                                       Clients on which items to use and to arrange for them to receive details 
                                       of maintenance procedures and requirements.