1212, 2018

A warming Christmas tale of the rat in the pipe!

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When we sent in our CCTV equipment to assess one of our client’s drains, we were not expecting to find a small, furry animal running up the pipes, glaring at our camera! Here at [...]

2111, 2018

How to avoid winter flooding – make sure your gullies, culverts and drains are clear!

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You make sure your gutters are cleared, water pipes and outdoor taps are lagged and leaves are swept from roads but often, what is out of sight is also out of mind. At this [...]

1011, 2018

Getting to the bottom of a blocked toilet at Eggar’s School

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The Drain and Sewer team were recently called out to Eggar's School in Hampshire to help unblock a toilet. The school were perplexed as to what could be causing the sudden blockage.  From foreign [...]

2410, 2018

How to solve your drain blockage problems

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Prevention is better than a cure Not since the Great Stink of 1858, when the smell of untreated sewage in the River Thames forced a suspension of Parliament, has the state of London’s sewage [...]

2010, 2018

Job Vacancy – Drainage Engineer, Aldershot, Hampshire

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Drain and Sewers are looking to recruit an experienced Drainage Engineer to join our depot based in Aldershot. […]

110, 2018

Prevent fatbergs by keeping your drain and sewers clear!

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Beware the monster lurking in your sewer A monster was recently discovered lurking under the streets of Whitechapel, in London’s East End. It was so enormous and posed such a [...]