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How to solve your drain blockage problems

Prevention is better than a cure Not since the Great Stink of 1858, when the smell of untreated sewage in the River Thames forced a suspension of Parliament, has the state of London’s sewage system been so overstretched. One direct result of the Great Stink was the building of a brand new sewage system [...]

Job Vacancy – Drainage Engineer, Aldershot, Hampshire

Drain and Sewers are looking to recruit an experienced Drainage Engineer to join our depot based in Aldershot. […]

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Prevent fatbergs by keeping your drain and sewers clear!

Beware the monster lurking in your sewer A monster was recently discovered lurking under the streets of Whitechapel, in London’s East End. It was so enormous and posed such a potent threat to public health that when it was destroyed, parts put on display in the Museum of London. The [...]

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