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Drain and Sewer Services are proud to sponsor Armed Forces Day

Aldershot is home not just to Drain and Sewer Services but is more famously known as the “Home of the British Army”.  As a local company, with a shared hometown, we feel a close connection to the military services and all they do for our country. As such, we are very proud to sponsor [...]

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Check the drains to beat summer flooding

June is here and so is the torrential rain. Just this week, with the heavy downpours, the Drain and Sewers team were out all day and night, working until the early hours of the morning clearing drains and pumping out flood water for our customers across the South East. As we head into summer [...]

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Drain CCTV and Jet washing to clear your troubles away

The team at Drain and Sewer Services have the experience to take on any challenge that comes our way. Our teams have the latest high-tech equipment and are highly skilled, so we are often able to go on site, identify the problem and deal with it then and there, saving the customer time and money.  Clearing drains is [...]