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Coverage Area

Drain and sewers will endeavour to cover all areas across the UK for all drainage problems, so please don’t hesitate in contacting us for a quotation.

We are willing to carry out works and provide our professional services in any area where it is both practical and cost efficient for our clients and for us to do so.

Get in touch by calling us on 01252 312738 or email info@drainandsewer.co.uk and we will endeavour to be competitive in getting to you!

  • Blocked drains / maintenance cleaning
  • Gully Emptying and Cleaning
  • LMHPWJ – cleaning of foul and storm drainage
  • Combination units – for jetting and suction
  • CCTV surveys
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Re-lining / Re- Rounding
  • Excavations
  • Emptying of Septic tanks / Oil water interceptors / pump stations

Drains & Gutters

We unblock, clean and repair your drains and gutters to make sure they flow smoothly.

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Sewers & Septics

We are experts in both sewers and septics ensuring a quick and reliable solution.

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Pump Stations

Keep your pump station in good working order with Drain & Sewer expertise.

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Water Mains

If your water main has burst or needs repairing, or you'd like to install a new one, contact us.

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CCTV & Testing

We have sophisticated equipment for CCTV surveys and sonde and dye for pipe testing.

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Roadworks & Patios

Our skills are not limited to just underground, we provide above ground services too!

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