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Drain Repair

We have 50 years of experience in unblocking, cleaning and repairing drains.

There are a number of ways we can repair your drains depending on their location and accessibility;

Excavation – should we need to excavate, we have specialist excavation teams and machinery enabling us to both dig down to reach the offending drain as well as return the surroundings to their pre-repair condition. All crews are approved by NRSWA.

Re-lining drains

Re-lining – much less disruptive, this process involves placing a new joint free pipe within the existing damaged pipe using a method called inversion (using water or air pressure) without the need for excavation.


Re-rounding – a re-rounding tool (called a dolly) will return a deformed pipe to its original state using a winch to enable re-lining. Pitch fibre pipes, widely used between the late 50’s and mid 70’s are prone to deformation. These pipes can be re-rounded and re-lined with up to 60% deformity.

Confined space entry – brings many associated hazards. We have fully trained crews able to assess the relevant risks, safety equipment and procedures required for every situation.

For a quality solution, tailored to your exact requirements, call us on 01252 312738.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24 hour emergency service
  • FREE call outs
  • FREE estimates
  • Competitive pricing
  • 50 years of experience & knowledge
  • Rapid response certified engineers
  • Lorry mounted suction & jetting units
  • ISO 9002 accredited
  • NRSWA Street Works accredited
  • Great customer service!

Drains & Gutters

We unblock, clean and repair your drains and gutters to make sure they flow smoothly.

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Pump Stations

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Water Mains

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CCTV & Testing

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Roadworks & Patios

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