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We eat, sleep and dream drains – Welcome to our twelve drains of Christmas!

At this festive time of year, most of us are thinking about turkeys, presents and lots to drink. We also think it is a time of year when you can have some fun. And yes, for us fun comes in many forms but there is fun in drains and what you find when you [...]

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Just the tonic – Clearing a fish pass

There is a never a dull day at Drain and Sewer Services, with such a wide variation of jobs that the team undertake. You might think we just unblock drains and sewers, but there is so much more to our work, from cleaning culvert channels and grills, to resetting bollards and putting up fences! [...]

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Getting storm drains ready for wet weather

When Storm Alex struck on October 3rd, the UK recorded its wettest day since 1891. Indeed Hampshire experienced 100% of its average October rainfall in only half a month*. As a consequence, there was widespread flooding and damage to property and valuables alike which came at a significant cost and inconvenience. Some of the [...]

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24-hour emergency support for all your drain and sewer needs

Drains and sewers are in use all day every day, which is why we make sure we can respond to an emergency, day or night, every single day of the year (yes even Christmas!) When a problem occurs, a delayed response can lead to flooding, unpleasant smells and additional costs. We offer emergency responses, [...]

Pre-Planned Drain and Gutter Maintenance

Pre Planned Drain & Gutter Maintenance Regular maintenance of drains, guttering and gullies ensures that water can move freely and away from buildings. Our recent blog has focused on how not keeping on top of this sort of maintenance work can often cause flooding problems in the summer months when least expected. [...]