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Pre-Planned Drain and Gutter Maintenance

Pre Planned Drain & Gutter Maintenance Regular maintenance of drains, guttering and gullies ensures that water can move freely and away from buildings. Our recent blog has focused on how not keeping on top of this sort of maintenance work can often cause flooding problems in the summer months when least expected. [...]

How to prevent water damage whatever the season.

People always seem surprised by flash flooding in the summer. Why at a time when we typically enjoy our best weather can heavy rainfalls overwhelm drains and gutters? During the summer, prolonged hot and dry conditions bake the ground hard.  If there is then sudden, significant rainfall, the ground is unable to soak up [...]

We are busy cleaning culverts to help prevent flooding

After some unseasonably warm days in February, our Great British weather snatched away any optimism we may have had that spring was close and took us back to winter, with strong winds and heavy rains. Culverts that had already been full of debris built up over the autumn and winter became further blocked as [...]

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