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How to prevent water damage whatever the season.

People always seem surprised by flash flooding in the summer. Why at a time when we typically enjoy our best weather can heavy rainfalls overwhelm drains and gutters? During the summer, prolonged hot and dry conditions bake the ground hard.  If there is then sudden, significant rainfall, the ground is unable to soak up [...]

Scanprobe Technology: Making flood alleviation easy

Drain & Sewer Services were recently asked by a local authority for assistance in flood alleviation. The local area was hit with flooding following several days of heavy rain. Build-up of surface water and debris washed onto the roads had caused flooding to houses, footpaths and roads which contributed to major disruption and inconvenience [...]

Specialist flood response services – 24 hours a day

With shoppers stranded in shopping centres and families being evacuated from their homes in South Yorkshire last week we’re seeing at first-hand how quickly torrential rain can turn into flooding and how no-one expected it until it happened. The clean-up will take months and £millions, not to mention the distress and disruption for the [...]

Why landlords, homeowners and property agents value our drain maintenance service

Drains, sewers and pipes can be hit by a variety of problems such as fractures, blockages, root damage, collapse or erosion and the impact can be very noticeable to residents and potentially costly for the property owner. Smells and water leaks are immediately obvious consequences but rodents and pests can use damaged pipes as [...]

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