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Remaining COVID-19 vigilant

With a second lockdown days away, we would like to re-assure our customers that we will again, remain fully operational across all areas of the company. As a company providing essential services to key workers, we will continue to operate, adhering strictly to Government guidance to ensure we are fully COVID-19 compliant. Our services [...]

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Specialist flood response services – 24 hours a day

With shoppers stranded in shopping centres and families being evacuated from their homes in South Yorkshire last week we’re seeing at first-hand how quickly torrential rain can turn into flooding and how no-one expected it until it happened. The clean-up will take months and £millions, not to mention the distress and disruption for the [...]

NRSWA: There is more to roadworks than digging a hole

Next time your car is in a roadworks queue, take the time to appreciate how much it takes to dig up a road surface, repair whatever is underneath and resurface the road while controlling traffic and keeping everyone safe. […]

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Are you risking prosecution by using contractors unqualified for confined space work?

We’ve got ourselves into some tight spots in our line of work, including silos, sewers and septic tanks. But we’ve always got the job done and got out safely because of our City and Guild training, certification and preparation. How confident are you that the contractors you’re using for confined [...]

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