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Confined space entry

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Pre-Planned Drain and Gutter Maintenance

Pre Planned Drain & Gutter Maintenance Regular maintenance of drains, guttering and gullies ensures that water can move freely and away from buildings. Our recent blog has focused on how not keeping on top of this sort of maintenance work can often cause flooding problems in the summer months when least expected. [...]

How to prevent water damage whatever the season.

People always seem surprised by flash flooding in the summer. Why at a time when we typically enjoy our best weather can heavy rainfalls overwhelm drains and gutters? During the summer, prolonged hot and dry conditions bake the ground hard.  If there is then sudden, significant rainfall, the ground is unable to soak up [...]

City & Guilds Certified – Staying safe whilst working in confined spaces

As you can imagine, in our line of business working in confined spaces is a regular part of our working day. What may not be so obvious is the specialist skills and knowledge required to enter and operate safely in those spaces. They are challenging environments to work in, not just because of their [...]

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How to solve your drain blockage problems

Prevention is better than a cure Not since the Great Stink of 1858, when the smell of untreated sewage in the River Thames forced a suspension of Parliament, has the state of London’s sewage system been so overstretched. One direct result of the Great Stink was the building of a brand new sewage system [...]

Are you risking prosecution by using contractors unqualified for confined space work?

We’ve got ourselves into some tight spots in our line of work, including silos, sewers and septic tanks. But we’ve always got the job done and got out safely because of our City and Guild training, certification and preparation. How confident are you that the contractors you’re using for confined [...]