Pre Planned Drain Gutter Maintenance

Pre Planned Drain & Gutter Maintenance

Regular maintenance of drains, guttering and gullies ensures that water can move freely and away from buildings. Our recent blog has focused on how not keeping on top of this sort of maintenance work can often cause flooding problems in the summer months when least expected.

Not visible or front of mind, these jobs are often forgotten. Unfortunately the first reminder, we often have that they need doing is when there is a problem. If this does occur then there is often secondary damage which incurs additional costs.

We have been called out in the past to people who have been caught out, many of whom have now opted for Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) contracts. By committing to a regular plan, we can make sure that clients stay one step ahead of the problem and avoid the unpleasant and costly consequences of flooding and blocked pipes.

How PPM can help your business:

  • A regular payment plan avoids one off costly bills
  • Disruption to business is minimised by avoiding downtime of essential areas such as toilets and drains
  • Roads can be kept clear of floodwater
  • It can prevent any health and safety issues
  • Damage to properties can be avoided thus saving further costs and downtime.

Many business properties have been left empty during the recent pandemic. Although buildings benefit from being empty in some ways, regular maintenance is still required, and drainage systems do not necessarily benefit from being left unused.

With our PPM service we will develop a programme suitable for your business, scheduling regular maintenance and development. Our highly experienced engineers work at height and below ground thereby covering everything from gutters to drains.

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