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Waste water removal

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How to prepare for flooding: don’t build an ark, clear your drains

The weather has always been a favourite topic of conversation in this country, but it’s getting more interesting now that we regularly get lashed by storms with names, torrential rain and even tornados. […]

Unblock and clean difficult to access drains and culverts.

A drain on your land has become blocked after heavy rainfall and the only access is by a track through some woodland. Or maybe you live at the end of a narrow lane and need your soakaway drains cleaned. […]

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Lorry Mounted Suction Units

Whether it is due to heavy rainfall or a burst pipe, we can help. Our lorry mounted suction units can remove large amounts of water in single loads, as well as clean whilst the emptying is underway. If you'd like any more information please contact us, call us on 01252 312738 or email info@drainandsewer.co.uk [...]