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How to prevent water damage whatever the season.

People always seem surprised by flash flooding in the summer. Why at a time when we typically enjoy our best weather can heavy rainfalls overwhelm drains and gutters? During the summer, prolonged hot and dry conditions bake the ground hard.  If there is then sudden, significant rainfall, the ground is unable to soak up [...]

Don’t let blocked gullies flood your property

Gullies play an important role in our drainage system. Yet many property owners may not even be aware that they are there, and if not properly maintained, a blocked gully can lead to serious flooding problems with the potential for causing damage. What is a gully? A gully is like a basin that’s usually [...]

Keep your gutters clear from plants and debris

It is high summer and nature is blooming in its full glory. It is a time to relax but there is one garden job for July that you might not be aware needs attending to – the unexpected plants growing in your gutter! The picture below is a plant recently extracted from a gutter [...]

We are busy cleaning culverts to help prevent flooding

After some unseasonably warm days in February, our Great British weather snatched away any optimism we may have had that spring was close and took us back to winter, with strong winds and heavy rains. Culverts that had already been full of debris built up over the autumn and winter became further blocked as [...]

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Unblock your gutters safely this autumn to avoid a damp problem

Guttering needs regular cleaning. You’d be amazed at the amount of silt, vegetation and foreign objects that accumulate up there over 12 months. But the autumn is particularly bad for leaves blocking gutters so that rainwater backs up until it starts running down your walls, causing damp. […]

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