People always seem surprised by flash flooding in the summer. Why at a time when we typically enjoy our best weather can heavy rainfalls overwhelm drains and gutters?

During the summer, prolonged hot and dry conditions bake the ground hard.  If there is then sudden, significant rainfall, the ground is unable to soak up the water.  If this is combined with drains that are not regularly maintained and kept clear, the deluge can overcome drainage systems.

Free ‘Looksee’ CCTV service available

It is not just a problem underground; considerable debris can build up in the rainwater gutters.  If left long enough, small seeds start to germinate, until eventually plants, and even shrubs, start growing out of gutters.  Heavy spells of summer rain can result in gutters being unable to clear water quickly enough, resulting in water overflowing, pooling and generally ending up where it should not leading to property damage.

Household maintenance is more front of mind in the Autumn and Winter months when leaves are falling, and average rainfalls are higher.  However, whatever the time of year, anything designed to move water away from a building, drive or road needs to be kept clear, if not it can result in extensive damage and expensive insurance premiums in the future.

Whether a commercial or residential property, we recommend regular checks to ensure drains and sewers are in good working order and gutters are clear.

At Drain and Sewer Services, we respond to many emergencies to relieve flooding situations, but we are also able to help prevent those situations.  Our engineers work at height and below ground to clear gutters, culverts and drains.

To help prevent further damage from blocked drains we are now offering a free CCTV “looksee” every time we are called out.

As weather patterns become more extreme and unpredictable, it has never been more important to be prepared for whatever comes at any time of year.  You can keep up to date with weather warnings by signing up to government alerts.

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