When drains and sewer pipes leak, they can cause an unpleasant smell or even a serious risk to health. That’s why it’s important to identify the location and nature of a leak as quickly as possible.

But a pipe is likely to be buried underground and too narrow to send a person down, so how do you locate the problem?

The cheapest, quickest and safest method of detecting a crack or collapsed pipe is by using a CCTV camera attached to a “crawler”.

That’s not a character from a Stephen King novel, but a remotely controlled vehicle carrying a CCTV camera. We use two makes of crawler at Drain and Sewer Services:

  • Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax™. A portable, 5.4Kg device that runs on wheels, this can get down a pipe between 4-15 inches in diameter for centred inspections. It can be armed with digital cameras offering a forward view, pan, tilt and zoom functions and eight white LED lights. The vehicle, powered by a 50-Watt on-board motor, is connected to a joystick remote control console by up to 1000 feet of cable so it can get right to where the problem is.
  • Scanprobe crawler systems. This is a robust camera system mounted on a wheeled platform and is capable of mounting a range of inspection cameras. We use it to inspect sewers and drains up to 2m across.

Once the crawler has found the problem, we can make a repair, preferably using no-dig, relining technology.

Drain and Sewer Services

Drain and Sewer Services offers 50 years of experience, inspecting, unblocking, cleaning and repairing sewers for the public and private sectors.

We have dedicated teams that specialise in all types of sewer and drain pipe inspections. Our lightweight CCTV equipment allows us to carry out detailed observations on all sizes of pipes, from the smallest to the largest diameter, and at a high resolution. We can look at the results on screen in real time and produce DVD evidence, written reports and mapping for clients.

To find out how we can help keep your drains and sewers working, call Drain and Sewer Services free on 01252 312738 or email info@drainandsewer.co.uk.