Following the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions on most construction sites, it is reassuring to see house builders and property developers resuming construction on many of their sites.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

We offer a range of drain surveying, drain clearing and drain unblocking services for property developers and house builders, whether for large housing estates or one-off properties. Over the last 50 years, our CCTV drain survey technology and engineers have helped to solve many on-site drainage survey issues.

Simply put, a drain survey is an in-depth inspection of a drainage system, using CCTV cameras inserted into the drains. These drainage cameras send a live feed back to the drainage engineer who can then identify any issues that might be present and share them in real time with the client.

At Drain & Sewer Services we use the latest Scanprobe technology to provide a live stream to our customers, video footage of the inspection, a map of the drainage system and a written report within minutes of completing the survey.

CCTV drainage surveys have many major benefits as they are:

Accurate: CCTV surveys always deliver accurate results. The footage gets displayed on a screen and we are therefore able to share on screen visual proof of a located problem backed up by DVD evidence and written reports.

Non-invasive: CCTV creates minimal if any damage to the nearby areas and is more economical when compared to other forms of assessment.

Fast: The whole survey process is rapid and can be completed successfully in a relatively short timeframe, depending on the complexity of the drainage network.

Flexible: We use lightweight portable devices that can survey any site with the smallest to the largest diameter drains and sewers, producing high quality images. In situations where a vehicle would not work, we can also supply a team with a surveying unit and portable power supply.

Cost-effective: With the right equipment and know-how, drain surveys provide a very quick and affordable option.

Need help with a drain survey?

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