When it comes to heavy duty drain cleaning, a lot of people worry about the potential mess and hassle that might come with clearing a major blockage.

At Drain and Sewer Services, we have a variety of tools to deal with a whole range of drain, gutter, sewer and gully clearance jobs. From the larger lorry mounted suction and jetting units, right down to the portable electric mini jetter.

We were recently called to a local school, to help with a drain clearance and used our Rioned electric mini jetter. This portable high pressure jetting machine is small and easy to carry – perfect for getting in and out buildings like schools with stairs and corridors.

The mini jetter is suitable to clean drains from 25 to 100 mm diameter. What is most incredible, is for a machine with such a powerful pump and excellent cleaning capacity, it has a silent electric motor – meaning we are able to easily clear drains in building work places with minimal noise disruption to our customers.

As the machine is portable, limited sheeting to protect carpets is required and we are able to work from a portable water supply.

So you might think drain cleaning is a dirty job that will disrupt your working or living environment, but at Drain and Sewer Services we have a team of professionals with the right tools and expertise to get to the root of any drain related problem, with minimal mess and disruption.

Our team of specialist drain engineers work 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are fully equipped to tackle any problem, big or small.

Need help with blocked drains or sewers?

At Drain and Sewer Services we have been successfully unblocking drains, culverts and gullies for more than 50 years. For a quality solution, tailored to your exact requirements, call us on 01252 312738 or email info@drainandsewer.co.uk.