Whilst trees are something to be enjoyed it’s unfortunate that their roots are a common cause of drain blockages and damage. It’s something our teams see all the time and if you have trees near your property, something you should be aware of.

How do roots damage pipes?

As roots spread searching for nutrients, they can be attracted by the moisture around pipes. Their journey underground is also made easier along pipes as the soil here has been disturbed, so it’s easy to travel through. This is the same for the more porous and granular ground under patios and drives.

Once the roots have reached the pipes, they can enter through existing pipe damage, such as cracks. It’s also the case the sand and cement joints are little match for a curious root, which can penetrate through without much difficulty. Even rubber joint seals can be breached.

Once in the drainage system roots can grow and continue to spread creating further damage, leaks, burst pipes and blockages. If left unchecked, roots can cause substantial damage and the pipes can collapse fully.

What are the signs to look out for?

Fortunately, there are several signs that can indicate damage to your drainage pipes that you can look out for:

  • Soggy ground
  • Visible water pooling
  • Over flowing manholes
  • Cracks in drives and patios
  • Patches of ground that are often soggy or may have pools of water forming
  • Subsidence, which is often attributed to leaking pipes caused by root damage

How we can fix the problem

There are several methods of drain repair we can offer our customers. Extensive damage may require excavation but drain relining or unblocking the drain may be sufficient. To make an accurate assessment of what may need to be done, we can use CCTV to identify the drainage problem and so avoid causing our customers any unnecessary disruption.

Need help with blocked drains or sewers?

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