In December we announced that we would be adding a new lorry to our expanding fleet.

We are excited to announce that our new RCV Ultra Cleaner Recycler lorry – a brand new jetting and sucking recycler unit – will be ready for delivery in early March and we can’t wait to see this new vehicle on the road.

Last week we visited the RTN Clayton Valley factory in Barnsley to see how our shiny new lorry-mounted recycler unit is coming on and we’ve taken a short video to share the excitement with you.

The RCV Ultra Cleaner Recycler Specifications

Our brand-new vehicle is state of the art and far more versatile than our current units, due to the latest features fitted, including a safety system, reverse cameras and control boxes. Not only is this machine powerful due to its sucking and jetting capabilities, it also offers an environmentally friendly system that filters and recycles jetting water, helping us to deliver a faster and more economic service to our customers.

The specifications include:

  • A 3200 gallon tank, split 1200 gallon fresh water and 2000 gallon debris
  • The vacuum pump will pull at 20-25m vertical with maximum of 40-45m vertical
  • Horizontal suction is 200m.
  • Recycled jetting water goes through a filtration system to 50 micron (0.05mmn)
  • Auxiliary hose reel fitted with 120m of hose
  • A 9.3 tonne machine, fully fitted with standard specifications as well as bluetooth, reversing camera, radio control and jetting control box
  • Fitted with a FORs silver compliant vehicle safety system
  • Fully opening hydraulic rear door

The right equipment for the job

At Drain and Sewer Services we’ve been successfully inspecting and unblocking drains, culverts and gullies with the help of our lorry mounted recycler units for over 50 years.

The latest addition to our fleet will provide us with bigger versatility when it comes to unblocking and removing large amounts of standing water. The vehicle contains one of the cleanest recycling systems on the market. This means that that the water being put back through the jetting pump and nozzles, will not damage the sewer walls being jetted. Using a recycler also increases efficiency as the unit will not run out of water, allowing us to save water and do our job quicker.

Need help with blocked drains or sewers?

For more information on our new recycler unit or to find out how we can help you inspect, unblock drains, culverts and gullies, call us on  01252 312738 or email