It is high summer and nature is blooming in its full glory. It is a time to relax but there is one garden job for July that you might not be aware needs attending to – the unexpected plants growing in your gutter!

The picture below is a plant recently extracted from a gutter and shows some of the dangers if you neglect general maintenance.

If you notice a garden growing in your gutter, this is a tell-tale sign of clogged gutters. When seeds and debris accumulate, this forms the ideal growth environment for plants. Not only will the dirt and plants block the flow of water away from your home, but they will also break down the gutters, leaving behind holes and cracks and can cause a range of damp-related problems to a property.

Without carefully attention and clearing, this can lead to further problems and growth, resulting in costly repairs.

Ensuring that you enlist professional gutter cleaning services to remove dirt and vegetation as soon as possible is key to maintaining the health of your gutters and preventing further damage to your property.

At Drain and Sewer Services we use Skyvac equipment which involves no ladders. The work can be undertaken from the ground up to 36ft. This allows us to access hard to reach areas such as courtyards, above conservatories and blocks of flats and removes the need for expensive scaffolding, allowing us to complete the work more quickly to keep your costs down.

The carbon fibre extendable pole with attached CCTV camera assesses the gutter condition and the Skyvac suction unit then removes all the debris from the guttering, leaving them clean and running clear.

We can even show you your newly-cleaned gutter using the CCTV camera technology built onto the boom to provide complete peace of mind.

Need help with blocked gutter?

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