At this festive time of year, most of us are thinking about turkeys, presents and lots to drink. We also think it is a time of year when you can have some fun. And yes, for us fun comes in many forms but there is fun in drains and what you find when you unclog them. There are youtube channels dedicated to drain unblocking with some entertaining / terrifying videos out there.

We thought we would share some of our favourites with you. Rather than Twelve lords a leaping or the twelve days of Christmas we have created the “Twelve Drains of Christmas”. Some of it is highly addictive viewing so beware.

In true Christmas style – just like the charts we will approach this in reverse order, ending with our Christmas number one. Viewer discretion is advised, some of these are not pretty!

12. In at number twelve is a regular problem – and it’s hair clogging up the bath or shower. We’re sure there have been plenty of household arguments and finger pointing for this one. Here we have a case of a hair rat – yes that is how they can be referred to in the trade. This one reaches epic proportions and comes in at one meter long!

11. In at number eleven is someone who shows why you should really leave drains to the professionals. It is inevitable when you think about it, a sixteen-year-old girl, a mobile phone and a drain, this video will haunt her for a very long time! We are only laughing because apparently she has seen the funny side of it.

10. A fatberg had to make it into our top 10 – fast forward to about 1 minute 40 seconds to see the result of pouring fat down the sink! The presenters face turns green which says it all!

9. Time for something a little more cheery – baby ducks being rescued from a drain

8. A storm drain being cleared – quite a satisfying one


7. A real highway hero, seeing how quickly this road clears is amazing!

6. No idea what this guy thinks he’s doing!

5. This dog is freaked out by this drain clearing

4. A bit of a mash up here – that’s the video not drain content!

3. Drains can create strange sounds as well as smells

2. A bit too familiar this one.

1. In at number one, a very friendly racoon!

The good news is that we work 365 days a year, so the videos are as close as you need to get.  This Christmas, if your goose fat from the roast potatoes ends up down the sink – which it really shouldn’t, or the toilets become blocked – you can count on us for a Christmas miracle.

Happy Christmas from all of us at Drain & Sewer Services

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