Previously we have discussed why our clients have a CCTV drain inspection and the benefits these offer. In this blog post, we discuss one of the real advantages of these types of inspection – the information we are able to provide our customers from the results.

What do CCTV drain reports include?

The technology used in our CCTV drain inspections allows us to provide customers with a very thorough report at the end. Using the latest software from Scanprobe Limited which allows us to produce a full survey report within minutes, whilst the survey crew are still on site, our CCTV drain reports include:

  • A written report: detailing the drainage system and any concerns arising
  • Video DVD footage of the inspection
  • Photos: capturing images of areas of interest or concern
  • Mapping: of the drainage system, including size and material of pipes

Why customers like CCTV Inspections and Reports 

The reports we provide from CCTV drainage surveys offers our customers several advantages:

  • The ability to read the reports with imagery helps people understand what’s happening in their drains
  • Customers are confident that quotes provided are based on a good understanding of the work to be done
  • Inspection results can be sent to the office remotely whilst the survey crew are on site, allowing recommendations to be added and then shared with the customer straight away
  • Clarity of the imagery provides clear detail of any issues and therefore the best way to address them
    CCTV inspections cause minimal disruption while they are undertaken
  • Real time results from the inspections enable any issues to be addressed promptly, with no time delay in waiting for reports to be provided
  • Information from CCTV reports can be used for evidence required by insurers

If you have any concerns about your drains or need more information about your drainage system, by using our latest technology we can provide quick, accurate and clear information that customers find reassuring.

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